In the four year span beginning in 4697 AR, hobgoblin commanders led hundreds of hobgoblin and goblin tribes, primarily from Isger’s Chitterwood, to attack countless rural settlements in that nation. A series of wars resulted, from Varisia to Taldor, as humanity struggled against the goblinoids who spread across the surface world, attacking and eating everything in their path. The organization of the hobgoblins made these goblinoid tribes particularly dangerous. The government in Elidir was at first slow to respond to the goblin menace, perhaps because most of the fighting took place in the nation’s more rural areas, leaving the capital largely unscathed. This discrepancy created a fair amount of resentment in Isger’s hinterlands, with many declaring that nation’s military response would have come much sooner had the capital been threatened.
Untold number of travelers and merchants died along the Conerica Straits, and whole towns were destroyed as far from the Chitterwood as the Five Kings Mountains. The size and deadliness of these attacks triggered an unlikely alliance of neighboring powers to become involved: a small order of Hellknights from Cheliax, a contingent of Druma’s Mercenary League, and a regiment of Eagle Knights of Andoran. They combined forces to fight the goblin hordes and contain their spread beyond Isger. Although the alliance was eventually able to destroy the goblinoid forces and drive the survivors back to the Chitterwood, the number of dead on all sides were staggering

Godspell - The Goblinblood Wars

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